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5 Piece Veggie Portion Control Set

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The Smart Portion Lunch Container Kit is perfect for any fruit and veggie lover or anyone trying to eat healthier. It includes everything you need to be on the go with fresh fruits and veggie ready at any time. This set includes our best selling Salad Shaker, Healthy Food Snacker and Fruit and Veggie bowl. The Salad Shaker has a reusable, non-toxic ice pack that snaps into the lid or the bottom of the removable tray. The removable tray has a dressing dispenser built in, place your favorite dressing into the dispenser and when it is time to eat just twist the dispenser, shake, and you are ready for a healthy salad. The Healthy Food Snacker has a bottom 2 cup compartment for fruits or veggies, then a top compartment for yogurt or dip. A reusable ice pack snaps into the bottom of the dip compartment so you are sure your veggies and dip are kept cool and it all comes together in one to go canister. The Fruit and Veggie bowl has 3 sections for fruits and veggies and then a middle section that houses a 1 cup container perfect for yogurt or dip. An ice ring snaps into the lid to keep everything cool and fresh.

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