Our Story

Once upon a time there was a wonderful man named, Jeff Jacober. Jeff was a spirited entrepreneur whose passion for innovative product inspired many others in the Rhode Island community to follow their dreams of creating their own companies. Jeff began, MEDport® LLC, in 1996 with a simple goal…to create innovative products that make it easier for people to live a healthy lifestyle. In addition, he wanted to create a special culture where people enjoyed coming in to work every day. Woo-hoo!

Today, three of Jeff’s friends, Larry Wesson, Brian Carey and Chuck Miga, continue to make his dream a reality and build upon his original vision. Best known for its Fit & Fresh® brand, MEDport’s focus is to make great products for great people – like you! From sandwich, salad and fruit containers to serving dishes, water bottles and fashionable lunch carriers, Fit & Fresh meets the needs of babies, children and adults with a menu of clever options every day. They work hard to bridge the gap between eating healthy at home and, “at work, at school, at play” and more!

Based on the guiding principle of living and eating well, MEDport continues to fine tune and expand upon its line of “cool” food transport goodies. Takeout and school hot lunches – you have been warned! People no longer have to settle for unhealthy eating choices when on the go. Kids no longer have to eat icky, steamy locker sandwiches! Babies can eat the freshest food possible! Thanks to built-in, removable ice packs, insulation that would make NASA jealous and beautiful bag patterns that belong on the NY fashion runway scene, MEDport focuses on making Fit & Fresh products work as promised and without compromise.

In closing – ah-hem – [key dramatic music] we believe that fresh and healthy eating is essential to keeping you fit. Fresh thinking keeps the mind fit. A fresh perspective keeps the spirit fit. Fresh eating keeps your body fit. So our goal is still a simple one. Life’s a journey. Better take something good to eat with you!